The majority of municipalities in the U.S., Europe and Asia are grappling with how best to support the rapidly building impetus for EV adoption. Many are installing charging stations at city-owned buildings such as City Hall, libraries, parks, schools and other public spaces. TerbineLink brings a new, trusted level of coordination between how these can be utilized and the many consumer and commercial EVs that are coming onto the market (over 200 new models in 2022-2023 in the U.S. alone from traditional and new automakers). Plus the notion of a city monetizing its chargers in a manner that its constituents are happy with whilst providing new methods of revenue generation can be very attractive. 


With NEVI and internal sources of funding, more and more EV charging stations are being installed by state DOTs and in some cases publicly-owned electrical utilities. These can be brought into a common data framework by TerbineLink either through participation in the national system or via a ‘state-labeled’ version. Terbine  operates in tandem with highly respected partners in the IT, data communications and software industries to ensure that TerbineLink provides a trusted, highly scalable environment that utilizes policies to control where vehicle, charger, utility and government-generated data is routed, consumed and under what circumstances. TerbineLink also opens new possible revenue sources that can supplant fuel taxes with ‘electron taxes’ going forward. 


Terbine intends to work directly with federal government agencies in the transportation, energy, environmental, commerce and national security sectors to ensure that EV adoption goes as smoothly, safely and efficiently as possible. Amongst many other factors that can be managed via the TerbineLink cloud-based platform are regulatory compliance, the implementation of ‘electron taxes’ to offset reductions in fuel taxes, providing a thorough data management system that will evolve with the introduction of autonomous vehicles, and much more. In particular, Terbine is focusing on making EV operations on the interstate highway system seamless, taking into account the increased loads that large truck ‘MegaWatt Chargers’ will place on the electrical grid have a minimal impact, through intelligent substation load-balancing. Terbine is also open to similar discussions with like agencies amongst our key trading and security partners in Europe, the Americas, Asia and other regions.