Millions of connected machines and systems, bristling with sensors, are being installed by cities, counties, state and federal agencies along with their counterparts in the commercial world. They all generate IoT data, which mostly gets tucked away in proprietary silos. As we enter the new era of smart cities, smart grids, EVs, AVs and next-gen mobile applications powered by 5G, the need for this siloed data to be shared is growing. Terbine provides the trusted platform to securely manage and monetize machine-generated data moving between vehicles, IT systems, agencies, companies and whole industries. It will enable grid load-balancing, enhanced safety and efficiency for EVs & AVs, information and entertainment using augmented reality, and digital twins for cities. It’s easy and fast to add your organization to the system, just fill in the online form to get started.


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Latest Application Examples

The Data of the Physical World

Terbine brings together and contextualizes sensor-generated / Internet of Things data sourced from infrastructure and the planet itself. Data feeds from around the globe can be accessed easily through a single interface without you having to create thousands of individual accounts with government agencies, companies and universities. We’re continually adding sensor data from aerospace, automotive, energy, logistics, transportation providers and many other sectors. We’ve done the heavy lifting so that you can focus on moving your projects forward.

Enabling the Intelligent Edge

5G is being implemented around the world at a rapid pace, offering far more than just rapid download speeds. The new capabilities that come with 5G make it possible for machines and systems to exchange data seamlessly and at unprecedented volumes and velocities. Terbine will provide the needed “common information bus” atop the 5G layer that will handle the myriad technological, business, legal and regulatory issues that must be dealt with in order to build a thriving Edge Economy.

The Terbine Vision

Currently, setting up data exchanging between organizations requires multiple, time-consuming manual steps. Terbine is based on the idea that as 5G enables the massive opportunities that can be enabled by the exchange and monetization of IoT data, the old manual methods simply will not scale. Terbine is here to reduce months to milliseconds, by providing a ‘normalized’ system of business, technological and legal elements, managed at very high speeds by artificial intelligence.

Why Now?

Game-changing technologies are emerging which will drive the need for fully-automated exchanging of data between machines and machines, machines and systems, machines and humans, and other pathways. These technologies include 5G, AI, IoT and edge computing. There has to be an intelligent ‘layer’ that comes in to manage, mitigate, and facilitate the exchanging of machine-generated data. It’s evolving very quickly, and Terbine is at the forefront. Terbine will be the new intelligent layer.

AI Is The New User

Artificial Intelligence, in particular machine learning or ML, is at the heart of many new and upcoming applications, machines and systems. A problem for AI is ensuring that it receives the correct data from the right sources. Terbine has developed a normalized taxonomy and descriptive language specifically for AI-based “users” which minimizes the possibility of false positives, including spoofed data, entering a system. Given the importance of IoT data driving high-value outcomes in terms of public safety, security, monetary value and more, Terbine is solving this emerging problem set that is being encountered increasingly within both public infrastructure and commercial environments.

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