What Is TerbineLink? 

TerbineLink is designed to synchronize all of the key elements involved with EV charging infrastructure. Operating in the cloud, the software-based platform has been developed to give system operators the ability to monitor and manage increasingly complex multi-vendor environments spread across wide geographies. Leveraging robust state-of-the-art technologies such as IBM’s WatsonX AI and secure Hyperledger transaction logging, TerbineLink brings to bear everything that your large charging system needs to provide maximum benefits to vehicle operators, customers and the bottom line. 

Why TerbineLink Now? 

As the drive for zero-emission vehicles becomes prevalent throughout the consumer, commercial and governmental sectors, charging infrastructure is rapidly moving from its origins as an amenity, to a necessity. And with commercial operations, a criticality. Early adopters have brought charging networks to a certain point, with mixed success. Applying lessons learned from real-world issues and looking forward at wide-scale adoption of EVs in all categories, geographies and sectors, Terbine and its implementation partners determined that a new level of functionality was required. TerbineLink provides that functionality, in real time and using future-proof design principles. 

Who Can Benefit From TerbineLink?

Commercial or governmental organizations implementing charging infrastructure encompassing multiple cities, regions or countries that involve multiple vendors of charging hardware and/or whole networks, including those funded by NEVI and CFI in the U.S., can incorporate TerbineLink as the ideal centralized monitoring and management platform. Designed to operate in cloud/hybrid cloud, standalone hardware and edge computing configurations, as well as integrate with existing and new applications involving vehicles, charging management systems, asset tracking and maintenance programs, payment roaming services, weather inputs, road taxation policies, cyber and physical security practices, power utilities and more, TerbineLink can be the centerpiece of your growing EV charging infrastructure.