First-of-its-kind platform is designed to synchronize electric vehicles, charging networks and power utilities to make charging seamless and dependable

/EINPresswire.com/ — Terbine today announced a solution set designed to eliminate the many problems that have been increasingly plaguing the electric vehicle charging landscape by intelligently synchronizing vehicles, charging stations and electrical utilities. The system is based on the company’s AI-enabled platform called TerbineLink, which is at the heart of a secure and highly adaptable computing and communications environment designed for EV charging enablement. The platform is now available for licensing by builders and operators of large charging networks.

Solving “Charging Anxiety” For Consumers And Commercial Drivers

Typically, EV drivers start to experience “charging anxiety” as their batteries get closer to empty – their vehicles’ onboard systems or third-party mobile apps depict the locations of charging stations – and often guide drivers to charging stations that are not working or won’t validate their session. Hearing about these frustrations, many potential buyers are shying away from purchasing electric vehicles. “The need to make the charging experience as reliable and pain-free as possible is becoming critical” said David Knight, CEO of Terbine. “With TerbineLink drivers of EV cars, vans and trucks of all brands and sizes will be able to forget about charging frustration once and for all.” The platform is designed to give network operators the ability to deal with the issues that cause charging sessions to fail or not initiate at all, in real time and at scale.

First Platform For Large Multi-Vendor EV Charging Networks

With significant investments being made by both governments and commercial organizations in EV charging infrastructure, the need for highly scalable, flexible and “future-proof” management of networks is growing rapidly. In response to this need, Terbine has developed its TerbineLink platform as a “brain” for charging operations that utilizes adaptive machine learning technology to correlate vehicle movements and battery levels with data about charging station availability and electricity rates. The platform can bring together all of the key elements that make up increasingly complex charging systems, taking into account multiple operators and manufacturers, with automated maintenance support and report-generation to meet the federal National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) requirements for states.

Applying Advanced Technology To Improve Infrastructure and Meet Sustainability Goals

Terbine has brought together key technologies to make TerbineLink an intelligent platform for operating and growing EV charging infrastructure, including IBM’s watsonx AI suite, Hyperledger blockchain for logging of transactions, cloud and edge computing, microservices architecture and software interfaces to virtually any charging, vehicular or power industry IT system. TerbineLink provides an advanced Policy Engine that network operators can utilize to control which data feeds can be routed to the various participants under varying circumstances, to address companies’ concerns over data privacy and ownership along with a myriad of other factors. This is particularly important when multiple stakeholders are involved.

In addition to its core misson of monitoring and managing complex charging systems, the TerbineLink platform can be applied to consolidating payment methods, calculating road usage charges for state and local governments, determining carbon credits for corporate users and supplying predictive maintenance analysis. When implemented by states under the NEVI program, TerbineLink can provide centralized monitoring of charging station uptime and other factors required to be reported for continuing funding.

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