Aimed towards electric vehicle charging infrastructure implementors within state and local government agencies, the series seeks to educate and contextualize key elements of building and managing networks of EV chargers supporting consumers and commercial drivers

LAS VEGAS, NV — February 7, 2023 — Terbine and information industry leader IBM announced today the production of a webinar series designed to give state and local officials, engineering firms and contractors the education that they require to design, implement and operate EV charging networks. The series will kick off on March 7th at 8AM Pacific / 11AM Eastern. All sessions are virtual and free to attend. The initial one-hour webinar, Building NEVI and Other Publicly Funded EV Charging Implementations, will cover how states can succeed in creating their charging networks under the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program that was authorized in 2022 under the federal Joint Office of Energy And Transportation. Other related topics will be covered in subsequent webinars.

Educating Managers About The Digital Side Of EV Infrastructure

The key objective of the webinar series is to provide a concise and complete overview of NEVI-related implementation necessities that will successfully deliver digital capabilities for EV infrastructure. Guest speakers will include industry experts in EV charging, electrical utility load-balancing, vehicle range management, ecosystem partnerships and other important subject areas. The webinars will cover system goals, design, realtime monitoring and management, along with how to develop the reports required in order for states to continually receive NEVI funding.

Information Needed By EV Infrastructure Enablers

“Implementing efficient and effective charging networks under the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program will require building flexible, scalable, and adaptable systems to accommodate the growing needs of today and for the future. This will demand extensive interconnectivity which will require digital elements driven by advanced technologies,” said Brenda Cucci, Senior Partner for Global Sustainability with IBM. “Through this webinar series we are addressing the immediate need for information regarding what, why and how digital technology will inform and support NEVI buildouts. We’ll be covering the critical topics ranging from synchronizing vehicles with charging stations to supporting grid load-balancing to asset monitoring and management.”

Persons who should attend the webinars include:

  • State transportation, energy and air quality agencies
  • Engineering and construction firms bidding on EV charging installations
  • Power utilities including renewable energy providers
  • EV manufacturers
  • Counties and cities planning charging networks
  • National and regional fleet operators
  • Rental companies (both retail and commercial)
  • Interstate trucking companies

Registration is free and open to all interested parties at http://bit.ly/3HAPHxh

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