Terbine Ranked Top of Alchemist Demo Day Presenters

Yesterday Alchemist Accelerator, best known for working with enterprise startups, held its 17th demo day at the SRI International in Menlo Park, California. Twenty-four startups pitched ideas ranging from personalized genomics to hard tech spinouts from Stanford’s Linear Accelerator.
Rather than expound upon all twenty-four I worked with Alchemist to bring you a top five list of startups that pitched. These startups received the most investor interest at the event and are all poised to do some interesting things in the near future.
Terbine : First Commercial Exchange for IoT Data. Team: – David Knight (2 IPOs, 2 Buyouts); Brian Enochson (AT&T, Time-Warner/HBO); Ben Grossmann (Academy Award for Visual Effects).
Most IoT startups are focusing on devices. Terbine is purely interested in the data. They are aiming to build a commercial exchange for the massive amounts of machine-generated data coming from all the IoT sensors. The team has built scalable transaction platforms in the past, including having authored HBO’s metadata protocol. The city of Las Vegas has already signed up to use their platform.