Terbine is an early stage startup. Our team include experts from aerospace, agriculture, energy, enterprise software, heavy manufacturing, Internet infrastructure and online marketplaces, top Hollywood digital experience designers and university researchers. Our Advisory Board is comprised of top-flight experts and businesspeople drawn from

academia and a range of industries.

Chet Carter

Head of User Interface Design


Brian Enochson

Head of Engineering


David Knight

Head of Terbine

Matt Martinez

Head of Customer & Developer Relations


Commander Kenneth Ham

Former NASA Astronaut & Professor, US Naval Academy


Dr. Jane Macfarlane

Director, Smart Cities, Sustainable Transportation, UC Berkeley

Dr. Michael Mohar

Former Deputy Director, DoE Remote Sensing Lab


Lauren Rosenblatt

Former Berkshire Hathaway / NV Energy, FERC


John Rossman

Former Director of Enterprise Services, Amazon, Author, The Amazon Way

Leadership Team Bios

Chet Carter, Head of User Interface Design

Chet guides the experiential aspects of Terbine. He has a strong background in technology with a focus on graphic design and user interface development. After operating test services with AT&T, he produced online systems for Top Chef, UFC Gym, and The World Series of Poker working with Letizia Agency and LightSpeedVT.

Brian Enochson, Head of Engineering

Brian leads all architecture, design and production of the Terbine system. His metadata construct and specifications are the core of the Terbine functional model. He has deep knowledge of highly performant, scalable transaction-based platforms and networks. He is a prominent developer of large systems and applications within Time Warner/HBO, Citigroup and SRA, and a veteran Air Force Staff Sergeant.

David Knight, Head of Terbine

David is a serial entrepreneur and experienced startup executive with a history of innovation and market development, and a background in core technologies including multi-spectral sensing and communications, messaging, enterprise software and distributed systems. His work ranges from digital entertainment to defense, including setting global communications standards, the creation of the first commercial email servers, pioneering online mass storage and more. He was an original member of the XPRIZE team that literally helped launch the private spaceflight industry. An ardent supporter of STEM education, he is a Trustee of the California Science Center Foundation.

Matt Martinez, Head of Customer & Developer Relations

Matt manages the Terbine Data Searcher and Wrangler teams charged with locating and codifying sensor data sources from around the world. He also works with data providers to characterize and ingest their information feeds. He is a full-stack web developer who specializes in front-end frameworks with experience at Hauls.com and Legacy Games.

Mónica Taher, Head of Sales

Mónica leads the sales strategy and commercial side of Terbine. She has a strong background in technology business development and corporate sales. A passionate advocate for women in STEM as a way to minimize the gender pay gap, she is a fintech collaborator on CNN en Español.

Kathleen Trammell, Head of Business Development

Kathleen builds strategic partnerships for the generation of evidenced based use cases that aid in the expansion of Terbine’s ecosystem. She has a unique and diverse business development background ranging from medical device surgical education and research to insurance carrier SaaS platforms, and VOIP telecommunications.

Advisory Board Bios

Commander Kenneth Ham

Ken is a former NASA Astronaut and retired US Navy Captain. He’s the former Chair of the Aerospace Engineering Department at the US Naval Academy. He was a Space Shuttle Commander and beta for International Space Station (ISS) assembly missions, and is a Combat Naval Aviator (F/A-18 Hornet) & Test beta. He’s currently involved in commercial human spaceflight and various defense-related ventures.

Dr. Jane Macfarlane

Jane is Director of the Smart Cities Center at University of California at Berkeley and Executive Director of the Sustainable Transportation Initiative at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She headed research for HERE, a leader in geospatial mapping, was VP of Process Engineering at battery company Imara, and Director of Advanced Technology Planning for OnStar at General Motors. Her focus and expertise encompasses geospatial mapping, semantic analytics, big data analytics and visualization, contextualization of data streams and spatially distributed computing.

Dr. Michael Mohar

Michael is a sought-after expert in sensor technology. He has held leadership roles with the Remote Sensing Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, plus SAIC, National Security Technologies and Bechtel. Most notably, he managed emergency assets during the U.S. response to the Fukushima disaster. During his Ph.D. program in Chemical Physics, he worked at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory based at Michigan State University.

Lauren Rosenblatt

Lauren is a top legal expert in the energy and environmental industries, with deep experience in policy making, regulatory enforcement and litigation, interfacing between industry and government, plus emergency management. She was a Branch Chief at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and Director of Energy Policy at Nevada Energy, a Berkshire Hathaway Company. In addition to law, her educational background includes civil engineering with a focus on environmental studies.

John Rossman

John is the author of The Amazon Way book series, and the Managing Director at Rossman Partners, a professional services firm.  Mr. Rossman is an expert at crafting and implementing innovative and digital business models and capabilities, including for the Internet of Things.  He is a sought after speaker on creating a culture of operational excellence and innovation.  Prior to Rossman Partners, John was an executive at Amazon.com where he launched the third party selling platform and ran the merchant services business.  Mr. Rossman’s blog is www.the-amazon-way.com.