Subway Metrocard Usage Visualization / New York City, NY

Project Name: Subway Metrocard Usage Visualization / New York City, NY


How to Operate:
To operate this visualization, select a station from the pie chart, and click it to view the station breakdown. You may also hover over points on the line chart to view single day contributions to the total count.


Project Description:

This is a visualization detailing the statistical breakdown of MetroCard swipes made each week by customers entering stations of the New York City Subway, PATH, AirTrain JFK and the Roosevelt Island Tram over a one month period.


Here we can compare interactively:

  • The total swipe count of a station to the entire city and other stations using the pie chart.
  • The demographic breakdown detailing what type of MetroCard was used, where it was used, and its relative popularity using the bar chart.
  • And we can compare individual data point’s contribution to the overall station count with the line chart, along with identifying the minimum and maximum data values.


Analysis of data such as this can provide better insight into who is using public transit and when,
along with providing better information to guide city wide initiatives such as dynamic pricing
of public transport options relative to the climate and infrastructure needs of the City itself.


Data also has the potential to be loaded dynamically in real time to display the latest data for any defined time range.


Additional Items:

View New York Fare Card Visualization in Jupyter Notebook

Developer(s): Nicholas VanCise, University of Nevada-Las Vegas


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Jupyter Notebook




Original Posting Date: 9 September 2020