Smart Cities Planning via AI and Visualizations / Various Locations

Project Name: Smart Cities Planning via AI and Visualizations / Various Locations


Project Description:


The project that I am submitting has 3 main parts. First part was Data Visualization, Correlation and insights on data about Precipitation, Temperature and Vehicle Count collected in Georgia, United States.


The second part was using A.I. for future planning in the most optimal way, the software used in this part was ACL, inspiration was taken from Bicycle Count and Parking Spot/Open Field datasets, they weren’t necessary for the implementation of the code because it runs on actions. It also shows how this planning language can be used to portray and forecast best routes to be created for future cities or for current city restorations.


In the final part of the project a Word Document was written showing how data being collected on a daily basis can give information on how to protect ourselves tomorrow and how it can be used for better protocols and safety regulations.




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Developer(s): Dominic Lovell , Silesian University of Technology, Award Recipient, Global IoT Datathon hosted by Terbine


Data Feeds Employed:


Open Source Tools:


R Studio


Allegro CL


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Original Posting Date: 10 September 2020