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River Discharge Variation Visualization / Acme, Washington


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How to Operate:

  • Use the mouse click, drag, and scroll to manipulate the data visible, or drag the date slider
  • Use the time slider or mouse scroll to zoom the chart
  • Click on any point in the chart to see the data value associated with the measurement at that time
  • Click on the paper icon in the upper left corner to view the raw data
  • Click on series in the legend to display and hide the individual lines

Project Description:

This visualization describes the output, or river discharge, of Hutchinson Creek near Acme, Washington, United States. Water discharge readings at this station are collected using an acoustic doppler velocimeter (ADV) located near the source of Hutchinson Creek, where individual measurements are expressed in cubic feet per second (cfs).

In addition to this, air and water temperature measurements are also collected at this site and are expressed in degrees Celsius.

Data from these sensors, spread throughout the state of Washington, provide technical insight into the managing of water supplies, releases, and diversions in support of fish, farms, and domestic water needs across the state.

Here we can observe the high variation in river discharge from May through October 2020, where these differences can be analyzed for large and small time periods.

This data can also be used to monitor erosion, predict and observe flooding events, and many other applications in the realm of the local water table and civil engineering fields. Where these measurements are correlated with local temperature and storm systems to illustrate the relationships between weather patterns and current stream conditions.

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Developer(s): Nicholas VanCise, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

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Original Posting Date: 30 October 2020

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