Relating Coastal Water Measurements via Radar Chart/ Ipan, Talofofo, Guam

Project Name:  Relating Coastal Water Measurements via Radar Chart/ Ipan, Talofofo, Guam


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Project Description:

The Coastal Data Information Program (CDIP) is an extensive network for monitoring waves along United States and international coastlines. Since its inception in 1975, the program has produced a vast database of publicly-accessible environmental data for use by coastal engineers and planners,
scientists, mariners, and marine enthusiasts.


This interactive radar chart describes measurements made by the CDIP directional waverider buoy
located 1 nautical mile offshore of Ipan Beach Park, in Ipan, Talofofo, Guam, from August through the beginning of September 2020.


Here we can compare the sea surface temperature, wave directions, wave heights, and wave periods
over time to visualize and examine the relationships among these variables as they relate to one another.


Data such as this can be visualized and examined for buoy stations located around the world, and can be used to
virtually recreate location specific weather conditions, provide for better local weather reporting, and guide emergency preparedness procedures based on how the environment is changing over time.


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View CDIP Ipan Data in Jupyter Notebook

Developer(s): Nicholas VanCise, University of Nevada-Las Vegas


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Original Posting Date: 13 September 2020