Monthly Solar Irradiance Levels Visualization / Chicago, IL

Project Name: Monthly Solar Irradiance Levels Visualization / Chicago, IL


Project Description:


This visualization depicts a Google Earth  3D representation of the average monthly solar irradiance readings in the Chicago Park District in 2017. These measurements along with others from the weather station are sent to the district and provide continuous weather updates. This visualization gives an at-a-glance view that can be used to forecast day light hours for beach-goers and sailors, or can be used to predict the quantity and nature of solar power that can be obtainable from and around this site.


To create this visualization, the average monthly values were retrieved from the data feed. This data was then inputted into Google My Maps, where shapes of certain colors and heights based on the irradiance values were placed on the sensor location. The KMZ file was downloaded from this and imported into Google Earth Studio, where the fly-by animation was created.


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Developer(s): Jenal Sanchez, Western Governors University


Data Feeds Employed:


Open Source Tools:

Google Earth Studio

Google My Maps


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Original Posting Date: 10 September 2020