Terbine is the first purpose-built exchange for machine-generated data. Terbine already carries feeds from public agencies, universities, smart cities and other entities around the world. It is now open for subscription-based access by member-organizations and the “trove” of IoT feeds is growing continually.

Adding Feeds from the Commercial World

Most large companies and even some government agencies are anxious to turn their machine-generated data feeds into profit centers. At present, they are cost centers and exist to provide information for analytics, supply chain and logistics, process management, asset tracking and many, many other internal applications. The prospect of making those data feeds available to third parties, in a commercial way, is very attractive and in fact, may enable entirely new businesses to be formed based on that availability. However, there are numerous obstacles and issues that must be surmounted in order to make machine-generated data exchange viable, and scalable as a new sector for the industry. Terbine is obsessed with solving these and is well on the way to becoming the first global-scale marketplace for IoT data. Key innovations in dynamic pricing for data using AI, automated transaction logging and tracking, a machine-learning-based policy engine giving data providers precise control over to whom and how their feeds can be accessed, and eventual deployment into upcoming edge computing fabrics, are all in the works. Watch This Space.