Terbine Introduces Industry-First Universal API for IoT Data

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Terbine continually adds IoT data feeds generated by public agencies, universities and corporations around the world. Type in a search term such as traffic or water to see what’s available currently.

How Terbine Works

Terbine makes IoT data discoverable by creating rich metadata that fully describes sources. Indexes are built on top of the metadata which can be accessed by machines, processes or people.

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Terbine is designed for use by enterprises including companies, government agencies and academic institutions. It’s easy to apply on behalf of your organization, start by clicking below.


Terbine is constantly locating, contextualizing and indexing data feeds from public agencies, academic institutions and commercial organizations around the world. A feed is described thoroughly to allow rapid and accurate discovery, even by AI’s. It all starts with a well-formed Name for the feed. Click here to search through what’s currently in the system.

AI & the IoT: The Missing Ingredient(s)

As the world enters the Age of Artificial Intelligence, metadata describing the IoT will become mission-critical, even life-saving

Who Owns The Data From The IoT?

With the internet of things becoming critical to many industries and consumers, questions surrounding data ownership are coming with increasing frequency. The answers aren’t obvious

Cars and the IoT: The Lane Lines Are Blurring

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Data Access Subscriptions

Terbine is richly characterizing machine-generated data feeds from public agencies, universities and research institutions, and making them discoverable.

 Terbine Data Exchange Platform

Terbine can be white-labeled for large closed user groups, ideal for organizations with a complex ecosystem of trading partners.


Leveraging AI, 5G and fast-evolving edge computing fabrics, Terbine is building the first fully automated, global-scale system for transacting and monetizing machine-generated data.


Built to drive big data analytics & AI

Through its rich data characterization system created specifically for the IoT, a full suite of APIs and a powerful, scalable architecture, Terbine is intended for analytics partners to find the data feeds needed to support use-cases in a great variety of categories.

The Terbine Story

The development of Terbine is the result of a deep-dive into the evolution of the Internet of Things into an unprecedented generator of information from virtually everything that we interact with, and run the world. A highly experienced team is building Terbine to solve the business, technical and legal issues that must be handled at speed and scale for a worldwide IoT data economy to building and thrive.

The Technology

Terbine is architected based upon a deep study of the mission-critical systems that run global commerce. These include air traffic control, intermodal containerized shipping and telecommunications. Terbine applies the most successful and scalable elements of these with the core technological and business drivers that pertain specifically to the management of IoT data.