Terbine brings together and contextualizes sensor-generated / Internet of Things data sourced from infrastructure and the planet itself. Data feeds from around the globe can be accessed easily through a single interface without having to create thousands of individual accounts with government agencies, companies and universities. We’ve done the heavy lifting so that you can focus on moving your projects forward. Try a Search! When you’re ready to retrieve or link to data feeds just set up an account for your organization here.

Latest Application Examples

Free 30-Day Trial for Commercial Users

You can browse any of the active feeds on without a login. When you’re ready to download or stream data, just sign up for an account. Your organization will receive 30 days of trial access with no charge, for one user. After that the $795/month subscription fee activates which provides unlimited access to any of the current feeds on the system. Additional users will be billed at $195/user. As more feeds are added from agencies and academic institutions around the world, they become part of your subscription automatically. Eventually commercially-sourced feeds will be introduced on an a la carte fee basis. 

No Cost to Educators & Non-Profits

Bonafide educational institutions, non-profit research groups, citizen science clubs and NGOs can receive access to the full Terbine index of data feeds at no charge. In exchange, we will appreciate receiving any sensor-generated data from your organization whether it be project-based or permanent installations. Everything is web- and API-accessible, both for retrieving data and submitting archival or continuous feeds. We also encourage researchers, students and hobbyists to submit their open-source projects that utilize Terbine-supplied data data for our Application Showcase, just email us a link via citizenscience@

Learn About What Terbine Does in Under Two Minutes

The development of Terbine is the result of a deep-dive into the evolution of the Internet of Things into an unprecedented generator of information from virtually everything that we interact with, and run the world. A highly experienced team is building Terbine to solve the business, technical and legal issues that must be handled at speed and scale for a worldwide IoT data economy to building and thrive.

Terbine is architected based upon a deep study of the mission-critical systems that run global commerce. These include air traffic control, intermodal containerized shipping and telecommunications. Terbine applies the most successful and scalable elements of these with the core technological and business drivers that pertain specifically to the management of IoT data.

Built to drive big data analytics & AI

Through its rich data characterization system created specifically for the IoT, a full suite of APIs and a powerful, scalable architecture, Terbine is intended for analytics partners to find the data feeds needed to support use-cases in a great variety of categories.

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