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TerbineLink is solving EV charging pain

TerbineLink is an AI-managed digital platform that brings data synchronization and monetization to the fast-growing EV/AV market across the automotive, energy and municipal sectors.

The EV charging experience is fraught with friction caused by high fragmentation amongst many networks and individual station-owners, which is limiting the adoption of electric vehicles. In addition, the power utilities and local governments must be integrated into the “EV Ecosystem” in order to deal with the rapidly increasing loads that Level 3 chargers are bringing.

Enabling The EV/AV Ecosystem

TerbineLink is solving the growing pain emanating from the friction of the fragmented EV Charging experience – in essence it is an AI-managed digital platform with curated data sharing and monetization binding the automotive, energy and municipal sectors. TerbineLink is designed to seamlessly integrate with onboard vehicle systems, intelligent chargers, and the power grid.


Every automaker, fleet operator and EV driver is facing range anxiety. TerbineLink provides the first total solution by federating all of the data needed to reliably and rapidly synchronize vehicles, chargers and the grid, using machine learning technology. Functioning in the background, TerbineLink can connect with virtually any system via secure interfaces.


The loads represented by EV chargers, in particular Level 3 units, are daunting and at scale will challenge utility operators. TerbineLink will give utilities realtime predictive analytics about charging sessions before they actually initiate, thus allowing highly localized load-balancing to avoid brownouts or other network issues.


For charging network providers and independent charging station owners, TerbineLink will enable virtually any EV to ‘know’ where chargers are along their path of travel, their operational status and availability, and whether a charging session will be activated from a payment standpoint. TerbineLink operates behind the scenes in realtime to provide a superior customer experience.


With cities, counties and states implementing charging stations and networks, TerbineLink will take care of providing location, availability and other key factors to vehicle operators and the regional power utilities. Important benefits include detailed tracking of usage, the ability to apply EV charging information to Road Usage Charges and other elements to facilitate the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy on the roads.