Gaseous Pollutant Concentrations Visualization / Taiwan-Chinese Taipei

Project Name: Gaseous Pollutant Concentrations Visualization / Taiwan-Chinese Taipei


Project Description:

Since pollution is an ever growing issue around the world I wanted to theme my project around that topic. So I created an interactive visualization of concentrations of gaseous pollutants in Taiwan. The datasets include five types of pollutants measured at twelve different locations in Taiwan.


The interface is split into three parts. First a map of the island where the locations of the sensors are indicated by bubbles with the respective size. Second a chart with change of the sensor data around the year and third a chart with the change during a selected day.


With two dropdown menus and a slider the data for the three charts can be chosen by the user. In addition, the mean and standard deviation are displayed in the day chart. There are a total of 60 datasets used in this project which was implemented in Python. For the visualization the Bokeh package was used.



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Developer(s): BORIS SANDOR, Applied Mechanics Institute – National Taiwan University, Award Recipient, Global IoT Datathon Hosted By Terbine


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Original Posting Date: 10 September 2020