Terbine offers a white-labelled version of its system for large organizations who require the ability to seamlessly exchange data with trading partners. Not a typical IoT platform, DEP is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering akin to having your own “commodities exchange” for data, with many input feeds and many users within a closed user group.

What Using A Data Exchange Platform Can Mean For Your Organization

The DEP program gives your organization the full power of the Terbine system without having to deal with any of the complex developmental or operational issues required to make it all function. Key attributes of a DEP relationship include:

  • White-labelled web front end providing features for data providers and users that you designate
  • Policy Engine giving resolute control over which parties can see which feeds
  • Generation of rich metadata characterizing your feeds and those of your designated contributors
  • Indexed, searchable feed information with drill-down filters
  • Control for regulatory environments such as GDPR, ITAR
  • Automated tracking of inbound and outbound data transactions
  • Pricing and billing systems where required
  • Access for your closed user group to the larger Terbine suite of contextualized data feeds from public agencies around the world
  • Try out a white-label implementation here.

Learn More About The DEP


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