Join the Trusted Data Exchange for Infrastructure & Mobility

Terbine is the first purpose-built exchange for machine-generated data. Terbine already carries feeds from public agencies, universities, smart cities and other entities around the world. It is now open for subscription-based access by member-organizations and the “trove” of IoT feeds is growing continually. Your company or agency can join now at no charge, just fill in the form and you’ll be on the road to the new Infrastructure Ecosystem!

Terbine will be the Data Exchange at the Heart of a New IoT-Based Ecosystem

Terbine aims to become the primary system through which the data of the physical world is transacted – focused on solving the core issues that are holding back widescale data exchanging

What Terbine Brings to the Table

  • Vendor-neutral
  • Easy and rapid joining
  • Full traceability of participants and transactions
  • Standardized monetization model
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Inclusive of local and national government agencies and services
  • Trusted authority to validate sources and provide end to end data security
  • Operable throughout global markets