With AI, 5G, grid advances and numerous new mobility providers coming online rapidly, it’s time for these major sectors to begin sending data to each other: sensor data. It will aid everything from load-balancing for grid elements, enhancing safety and efficiency for EVs and AVs, enable new levels of on-the-spot information using augmented reality and digital twins for cities, and the holy grail – data monetization. 

Isn’t Data, Specifically IoT Data, Being Exchanged Already? 

Not solved. At all. The reality is that there have been and are many individual pilots usually involving a city, an automaker, plus a charging network or power utility. They don’t lead to anything that enters production at scale. Very few could even be applied to a different city. It’s all about silos which is extremely different to what, for example, the tech industry has become used to as a way to operate. 

It’s A Tough Problem Set

A myriad of business, logistical and technical obstacles have stood in the way of creating a trusted and thriving environment for data to be exchanged between machines, systems and organizations, including
  • Data is fragmented internally within organizations
  • External sharing slow and manual
  • Relationship based data trading
  • Regulatory & legal issues
  • Unclear path to monetization
  • Data cannot be utilized without thorough knowledge of where it comes from
  • Data from machines all looks similar, thus making searchability limited
  • Data is kept in silos shielded off from third party access and therefore usage
Terbine was created to solve all of these. After nearly four years of development, the Terbine Data Exchange is ready for companies and other organizations to begin using.

What Terbine Brings

  • Vendor-neutral
  • Easy and rapid joining
  • Full traceability of participants and transactions
  • Standardized monetization model
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Inclusive of local and national government agencies and services
  • Trusted authority to validate sources and provide end to end data security
  • Operable throughout global markets

The Terbine Data Exchange Is Growing Rapidly

With tens of thousands of “feeds” representing both continuous and archival data sourced from sensors and systems around the world, it’s time for you to engage. There’s no cost to join the system, and you will have complete control over who/how/where/when/what circumstances your data is made available to other organizations. It saves you having to set up individual data agreements with dozens, or hundreds, of other organizations. Think of it like a commodities exchange for IoT data – you only have to join the Exchange, not worry about all of the other participants.

It’s Easy and Quick to Join

You can browse around the Exchange without a login at — to join, just click here and fill in the abbreviated form — note that the email address you use, must match your organization’s domain name — this is a security feature — your application will be reviewed and activated accordingly. Please contact us to discuss monetization opportunities and how to get involved with projects that bring together advanced mobility, power utilities and local agencies.

Applications Being Enabled by the Exchange

By breaking through the technical, legal and business silos in which machine-generated data exists, the Terbine Data Exchange will enable growth in key areas:
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Grids
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Self-Driving Vehicles
  • Self-Piloting Drones
  • Augmented Reality
  • Next-Gen Mobile Apps
Take a look at what is made possible now that the mobility, electrical utilities and local government sectors are able to seamlessly exchange data.