Terbine’s team of Data Searchers are continually seeking out, locating, characterizing and indexing machine-generated data feeds from public agencies around the world. The scope and range of these feeds is incredible, and growing daily. Although these are often made available via open source, there are no standardized methods for describing, interfacing to, determining provenance or context of, or even naming this myriad of feeds. This was the situation facing the financial services industry as it digitized, and a few pioneering firms took on the challenge of codifying, indexing and making discoverable the various feeds from within that sector. Their names are now synonymous with financial data, e.g. Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters. Now with the emergence of the IoT, the desirability of having the plethora of machine-generated data feeds codified into one comprehensive environment is rising rapidly. Enter Terbine.

The Pulse of the Earth, At Your Fingertips

We’re doing all of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. The machine-generated / IoT data of the physical world, generated by tens of thousands of public agencies at the township, city, county, state and federal levels, their international counterparts, plus academic institutions, NGOs, research organizations and more. Located, captured, contextualized, indexed and made ready for you to discover. You can even utilize AI-based systems to interface with Terbine, thanks to our creation and implementation of a uniform taxonomy for describing virtually any kind of machine-generated data source.

All You Can Eat Data Feeds

Your organization’s subscription to Terbine is all-inclusive for the public data feeds of the world. The more that we add to our index, the more you have access to. And with our leading-edge methodology for locating and contextualizing new feeds, we are open to your recommendations and directions on what you need to have for your applications. Our ever-expanding team of Data Searchers are armed with specialized tools and training that allow us to apply significant manpower and brainpower to finding you what you require, be it Water Quality Measurements in Sudan or Container Vessel Movements in the South China Sea, or Electricity Flows from Microgrids in Greater Chicago. More feeds are added to the system continually. Commercial feeds coming soon!

Give Your Organization Unlimited Access To Physical-World Data

You can browse the ever-growing index of available feeds at including searching and filtering of results, at no charge. When you’re ready to access data files and streams, your organization can become a Terbine Member by creating an account here. Once your organization’s subscription is activated, you can download or link to data feeds directly, or immediately drive data into leading software packages such as Microsoft PowerBI or Tableau. Subscriptions and API-based access are priced on a usage basis, contact Terbine for more info.