EV Charging Networks

With hundreds of new EV models from existing and new automakers coming on the market during the next few years, it will be impossible for any one EV charging network to deal with the influx from both business and digital standpoints. TerbineLink is here to provide a federated data system for vehicles, state and local agencies, electrical utilities and other participants, to drive new customers and revenue sources for charging networks. In particular TerbineLink will be able to provide realtime data about vehicles approaching charging stations to the utilities, allowing them to load-balance for the impending large loads. This will be particularly critical as MegaWatt Chargers come on line. Please reach out to Terbine about the possibilities for joining the broader system or licensing the TerbineLink platform on a ‘white label’ basis. 

EV Charger Manufacturers

Terbine is working with makers of EV charging units to allow for remote monitoring and monetization of sessions that haven’t previously been achievable. The TerbineLink system also opens the possibility of EV charger manufacturers sharing revenue from sessions performed by small businesses, local governments and individual consumers. 

EV Charger Owners

Until now, most owners and operators of charging stations have not had an easy or obvious means to monetize charging sessions. To date, most chargers that are not part of the larger networks are not represented on in-dash EV navigation systems, thus the chargers have been made available at no charge to EV drivers. TerbineLink introduces for the first time the ability to bring many more EVs to small businesses, local government parking locations and consumer’s homes, all via the TerbineLink system. The system deals with data privacy, regulatory compliance, trusted handling of consumer information, session tracking for monetization, and most importantly, attracting customers. All in a sustainable, curated manner. Please contact Terbine to learn more about “chargesharging” from your charging units or Big Battery Electric Vehicles (BBEV’s).