Bicycle Counts 3D Representation in Google Earth / Las Vegas, NV

Project Name: Bicycle Counts 3D Representation in Google Earth / Las Vegas, NV


Project Description:

This visualization depicts a Google Earth  3D representation of the total weekday and weekend bicycle counts measured on certain days in Las Vegas, NV in 2013 and 2014. This data was gathered by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada as an initiative to identify trends in this form of transportation. This information could be used to prioritize improvement projects in these areas to make this mode of transportation safer for residents. This visualization gives an at-a-glance view of areas with the highest counts and for what time of the week, showing which to give a higher priority.


To create this visualization, the total bicycle values for the weekday and weekend counts were processed from the data feed. This data was then inputted into Google My Maps, where markers with heights based on the totals were placed on the intersection locations, blue denotes weekday and purple denotes weekend. The KMZ file was downloaded from this and imported into Google Earth Studio, where the fly-by animation was created.


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Developer(s): Jenal Sanchez, Western Governors University


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Open Source Tools:

Google Earth Studio

Google My Maps


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Original Posting Date: 10 September 2020