First-of-its-kind cloud-based platform is designed to leverage AI to synchronize vehicles, charging stations, power utilities, payment processors and other key participants in the “EV Ecosystem”

With the rapid evolution of EV infrastructure including recent announcements by Tesla, Ford, GM, Volvo, Rivian and others, the complexity of managing charging networks is increasing beyond the capacity of early software implementations. To remedy this, Terbine is introducing TerbineLink, a cloud-based platform that commercial and governmental implementors can utilize to monitor and manage multi-vendor systems in real time across wide geographies. The TerbineLink platform represents a new generation of system that takes advantage of Generative AI to enable better outcomes for consumers and commercial drivers alike.

EV Infrastructure Has Evolved From An Amenity To A Necessity

In the early days of EV adoption, purchasers were mostly homeowners who could charge their cars in the garage. Tesla realized that they had to provide places for their drivers to charge when out on the road, resulting in their reliable and widely distributed charging network. “Now with literally hundreds of new EV models coming onto the market, along with well over one hundred charging networks being built in addition to Tesla’s around the world, it’s becoming clear that intelligent synchronization between the many elements is needed to make the driver experience seamless and reliable,” said David Knight, CEO of Terbine. “For other charging networks to achieve the gold standard set by Tesla is far more complex than standardizing on the plug,” he added. 

Introducing The Digital Side Of EV Infrastructure

Terbine is offering the TerbineLink platform under a Software-as-a-Service or SaaS licensing model that allows operation with all of the major cloud providers including AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and hybrid clouds, Microsoft Azure or co-located servers. Transaction logging is achieved using IBM’s Hyperledger format and is designed for secure, policy-based routing of machine-generated data to and from machines and systems owned by a wide mix of organizations and organization-types.

Organizations who could benefit from TerbineLink include:

  • Major retailers building branded charging offerings
  • Energy providers including gas station operators
  • Nationwide or regional truck stop chains
  • State transportation, energy and air quality agencies including NEVI implementors
  • Counties and cities planning charging networks including CFI implementors
  • Engineering and construction firms bidding on EV charging installations
  • Power utilities including renewable energy providers
  • National and regional fleet operators
  • Rental companies (both retail and commercial)
  • Interstate trucking companies
  • EV manufacturers
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