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To stimulate STEM projects while students are at home, company makes data sourced from the physical world open to uses in many educational projects – with 30,000+ feeds from over 100 countries

LAS VEGAS—March 31, 2020—Terbine announced today that it is opening the world’s largest system of IoT data feeds generated by public agencies to students of all ages. The over thirty-thousand feeds represent a broad range of agencies and sources, encompassing air, land, water and space. There will be no charge to students or bonafide educational institutions to access the data feeds, which include both continuously updating and archival data.

Why It’s Useful To Students And Educators 
An issue for students looking for data representing the physical world is the wide disparity between sources, data descriptions and many other issues, making it challenging to rapidly discover what they need. The Terbine system takes care of the heavy lifting by making data feeds immediately discoverable through straightforward searching. Data feeds are contextualized using a deep suite of parameters that ensure that students will find what they are looking for with confidence and accuracy.

The Ultimate STEM Data Source 
Tens of thousands of sources are accessible via the Terbine web portal, as well as via a published API. Many of the data feeds can be applied to “train” machine learning software, drive into analytics programs, even provide control information for robotic experiments.

“We are strong STEM supporters, and in this challenging time giving students and teachers additional tools is vital,” said David Knight, Terbine Founder and CEO. “As we move past the human-centric computing era and into a future pervaded by the Internet of Things, enabling a new generation of engineers, scientists and technicians familiar with these technologies is becoming critical.”

Easy To Access
By going to and filling in a simple online form, students and educators are given user accounts and can begin utilizing data. A suite of tools that include connectors for popular analytics software and programming languages is available on The company will also provide project ideas based on the data feeds to educators, parents and students upon request.

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