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Well known engineering problem solver, maker-builder and TV personality brings a substantial audience and real-world design knowledge to Internet of Things data company

LAS VEGAS & MONTEREY, CA February 1, 2022 — Terbine, provider of the first commercial exchange for Internet of Things data, announced today that engineer and television host Tory Belleci has joined its Board of Advisors. Best known for his role in the Discovery Channel series Mythbusters, he will participate in Terbine’s positioning and outreach as a leader in the fast-growing Internet of Things data sector. As a component of the relationship Terbine has agreed to sponsor Belleci’s new YouTube show The Truth About Tech, now online.

Taking The Pulse Of The Earth

Terbine makes it possible for the data being generated by virtually every type of device and machine to be shared between systems and organizations, via a sophisticated platform that curates and monetizes data transactions. “Terbine has the potential to touch nearly every industry, in particular automotive and infrastructure,” said David Knight, Terbine CEO. “Tory is well known as someone who approaches complex engineering issues with strong research and integrity, qualities that will aid our forays into many different sectors.”

“I’m very excited to help Terbine along its journey to literally take the pulse of the Earth, which is the company’s slogan,” said Tory Belleci. “Together and through my new YouTube channel The Truth About Tech we’ll dig into the important technologies that are shaping the future, many of them being core to Terbine’s achieving its goals.”

About Tory Belleci

Tory Belleci is best known as the daredevil host of Discovery Channel’s hit series MythBusters. A graduate of SFSU film school, Tory began his career in the industry behind the scenes as a model maker at George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic. He has built models for major Hollywood movies, including the Star Wars prequels, Starship Troopers, The Matrix 2 & 3 and others. Currently, Tory is the Executive Producer and host of the Amazon original series The Great Escapists, Science Channel’s The Explosion Show, Motor Trend’s recently released Motor MythBusters, and the YouTube series The Truth About Tech. 

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