Terbine is designed to connect with prevailing Internet of Things software platforms and analytics engines, as an ultimate collector and source of both raw and processed sensor information. The system is intended to offer not only curation for publicly available sensor data, but a means for organizations to monetize their investments in IoT on a widely accessible basis.

What Terbine Does

Following an extensive research and development process encompassing critical business, governmental and technical issues, the Terbine architecture is at the vanguard of the new category of data marketplaces - with Terbine being specifically focused on sensor data ala the Internet of Things.

What Makes Terbine New & Unique

Terbine automatically generates rich metadata for datasets or streams submitted into the system, containing important attributes including provenance, ownership, legal and regulatory, context, geolocation and more. The system generates indices which make the data rapidly and easily searchable by processes using Terbine's API suite, or via the Terbine web-based GUI. Imagine the frictionless capabilities that Amazon, Bloomberg and eBay offer, now applied to sensor data. Datasets can be submitted into Terbine or kept where they are, to be transferred only based on validation of the buyer's credentials. Datasets and streams can be fed into virtually any end system.

How it Works

The system is now in beta testing, and we want to try it out with sensor data from myriad sources - in particular we're seeking data generated from and within the climate, renewable energy, intelligent transportation and smart cities sectors - however all are welcome (aerospace, agriculture, government, logistics, manufacturing, many more). We're not involving money flows at this point, what you and your organization get from this are access to the rich metadata that the system will generate to accompany your datasets and streams, and the ability to find and access them at very high speeds either visually or programmatically. You can even influence how the system evolves. It's exciting and represents the next needed level in the "IoT Stack" to enable and monetize vast adoption within both commercial and governmental sectors.

How Your Organization Can Participate Now

You can access the beta test front end to the system here. To go past the Search page you’ll need a login, fill in the form here.


Click here to contact us regarding sensor data that your organization can provide.

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